KCS ENGINEERING - composting technology and organic waste composters


We bring you the highest composting technology in the world!

Quick composting


Our composting machinery has been designed to create and maintain the ideal conditions for composting bacteria to thrive and develop. Thanks to a rotating composting drum and efficient ventilation and mixing systems we can compost food and garden waste fast and efficiently under any environmental conditions, including the very hot and wet tropical environments in Asia and Northern Australia, or very cold areas in New Zealand's South island.

Moreover, our composters work on a continuous composting cycle, which allows to quickly reduce the waste’s volume to aprox. 10-15% of the original volume loaded into the machine.

The rotating composters have also been designed to operate in a fully automatic manner with little or no human intervention, including during the loading of the organic waste to be treated and the unloading of the fully mature compost.

Clean composting


Designed for on-site composting operations, our in vessel composters can be installed in urban surroundings as they produce virtually no foul smells.

Thanks to their integrated crushers and shredders, handling of untreated waste (when recycling food waste such as bones, fish and meat) is minimized thus avoiding smells and insects to develop, while fully contained and insulated composting barrels and performant aeration systems, give no access to rodents or insects into the composting digester, and ensures that the whole composting process can take place under any weather conditions all year round in an odourless way.

For heavily populated areas we can provide biofilters to further eliminate any possible smell discharge from the composters when recycling food waste.

Simple and efficient composting


Our composting equipment needs only minimal infrastructure as most functions are performed within the composter itself making it the equipment of choice for waste treatment plants and waste operators in remote areas like Hongkong's outlying islands, island resorts and hotels located in the Pacific and isolated communities in Australia.

The composters come with predetermined composting cycle programs that can be adjusted to each individual operator depending on the nature of the waste treated. Once set, the programs run automatically by a PLC and no human intervention is required.

The rotating composters can be equipped with a remote control module, linking the machinery to the operator’s and Kollvik Recycling’s control centre, a 24/7 facility constantly monitoring that the composters work properly and providing an early warning system if the composter has any kind of technical malfunction, or the composting process is not running properly.

Safe composting


The operation of our composters does not produce any harmful or polluting by products and its power consumption is considerably lower than those of any other food waste or green waste recycling machinery.

The composter itself has an outer body that protects the internal machinery and impedes any accidental access to moving parts. Furthermore opening of latches and inspection doors is password protected to avoid any unauthorized access to the equipment by untrained personnel.

Proactive after sales service


All our equipment has been designed for a long service life and according to European industry standards for quality and safety. The materials and components used guarantee at least 20 years uneventful operation of the composters if properly serviced.

The units are tropicalized according to IP61 standards and can be API certified for its operation on board ships or on off shore platforms.