KCS Engineering - Compost, composting and composters


Composting is our business!

Since 1982, KOLLVIK Recycling, S.L. has developed a full range of manual and automatic composters for recycling food and other organic waste. Our rotating in-vessel composters are used by customers like Carrefour, General Electric and currently treat food waste in several cities in Spain, France, Malta and Scandinavia.

With treating capacities up to 1,500 ltrs/day (equivalent to 1,000 households per day), our range of composters require very little energy and produce compost in solid form and according to EU, US and Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre’s Compost and Soil conditioner Standards 2005.

KCS Engineering is Kollvik Recycling S.L.’s subsidiary for the Asia Pacific market and benefits from our mother company’s 30 year experience in implementing comprehensive waste treatment operations including public educational campaigns, waste handling feasibility studies and planning, waste handling and recycling plant design as well as composting plant commissioning and operation.

Wherever green, food or other organic household waste is produced we can treat it and obtain valuable compost in an environmentally friendly, safe and fast way.