KCS ENGINEERING - Composting systems for household use


Manual composters for home and backyard composting of food scraps and garden waste.

The MULTICOMPTM range of manual home and backyard composters features 3 variants with 1, 2 or 3 independent composting drums. The composters do not require any electrical installation as they are manually operated and can be left outdoors thanks to their highly resistant casing and insulated drum, they are easy to operate by an adult and are suited to households with or without a garden, small parks, small schools, restaurants and food stands.

Their capacity ranges from 1,500 to 4,500 Liters of food scraps or garden cuts treated per year. They are fully enclosed and insulated preventing any access by rodents or insects, and do not produce any foul odors.

Rotary composter for household use

Technical details:

  • Thermal insulation for all year round operation.
  • Central ventilation axis to allow a good distributions of oxygen in the composting mix.
  • Thermometer.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Hot galvanized and furnace painted frame.
  • UV resistant materials for longer service life.

Composting capacity:

MulticompTM Backyard composters for food waste or garden waste recycling - Technical specifications
Model Modules Total capacity Average yearly composting capacity Dimensions (L x W in mm) Weight (Kg)
MulticompTM1 Domestic composter 1 130 2/4 people 100 m2 garden 736 x 650 40
MulticompTM2 Domestic composter 2 260 4/6 people 500 m2 garden 736 x 1220 60
MulticompTM3 Domestic composter 3 390 4/8 people 500/2,000 m2 garden 736 x 1790 90
MulticompTM2M Domestic composter 2 260 Motorized composter
MulticompTM3M Domestic composter 3 390 Motorized composter